I am delighted that you found your way to my website for this introduction to my clinical services, background, research, publications and specializations.

Who seeks therapy?

· I feel sad, angry and “not myself”
· Everything I feel seems so intense
· I’ve lost someone or something important to me
· My relationships are strained and I even feel distant from people I care for
· I’ve suffered a trauma and can’t stop thinking about it
· I don’t feel sure that I can control my temper
· My friends have told me they are concerned about the changes they see in me
· I’m using a substance to cope
· I’m getting feedback at work that worries me
· I feel disconnected from the activities I used to enjoy
· My child needs help, and nothing we have tried is working
· I just had a baby but something is not right
· I am worried about my partner
· I am feeling blocked creatively
· I want to make changes in my life but I don’t know how to start

My approach to therapy is to facilitate your growth, to support you in transitions, offer you tools, guidance and knowledge as you explore insights, evolving roles, and new feelings. My goal is to assist you in examining the obstacles which prevent you from making meaningful changes, from learning, and from living your life more fully.

A variety of psychotherapy services are available at my practice. I see individuals, couples and small groups and present psychoeducational topics to the community, and provide consultation and supervision, as well as training in sandplay therapy.

Location and Contact Information:
4917 Waters Edge Drive
Suite 220 – 8
Raleigh, NC 27606
Phone: 919-434-1661
Email: dori@pelz-sherman.net